Bone: Out from Boneville

Bone: Out from Boneville 3.0

Puzzle game where you have to help Fone reunite with his cousins and go home
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Bone: Out from Boneville version is a really cool puzzle game. The main character of this game is Fone, along with his two cousins Phoney and Smiley Bone. They are lost out in the desert, since they were kicked out of their hometown because of Phoney's attitude. They are out there with no food or water, even the map has been lost. They do not have a way to go back to their home. Your task is to help me find their way back to Boneville.
During a discussion between the cousins, a herd of bugs have come from out of nowhere and they all ran away scared from the bugs. While escaping Fone has lost view of his cousins and fallen into a cave. Now all he has left to do is follow the trail of the cigars that will take him to his cousin. You must pick up all the cigar butts and look for clues to find them and return home. You will find your way across the deep forested valley, and make friends along the way. There are many mysteries to solve and two relatives to find. If you ever need any help click the lower right corner of your screen and read the instructions.
All you need in order to play this game is you mouse. The program is provided with a nice looking interface and good video and sound quality. It is a good choice for any one who enjoys puzzle and adventure games.

Daniel Verdesoto
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  • Nice looking interface
  • Good game quality
  • Good sound and video quality
  • Fun


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